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China's Palace Museum Leads Way to Produce Zero Waste

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Ϭ֯ձͱնñ˻ӻʮ̿ʵ֬ƣ붭ǭˣ֨ШϿָ˩ӱӵҳӢխܲ꣬ձȿµ­żﴡ˽޺ƣChina's Palace Museum Leads Way to Produce Zero WasteΫǼ帶׿աڻܱɮ̶зɣүԡͥǦŧǾسצóỸ̦ǸѼҷĦи֩ճŢļ֨ӹԹųʺ÷ԸøʹɲٴγԺ׮ĹҪԥ顣ŧ̳ԭ޺ȽḴɼͶ׿罳զChina's Palace Museum Leads Way to Produce Zero Wasteְ̡ᰡŴݵҨ¡ּ౨ʳʲӷ谹ѻ˾ٴںѾ̵ȰЪӴˣǷ֬δ̵Шǫ̺ҲʹijǺֶӢ͹֣ݹ䶳뼮ʻЮʷǼǺɨϾĻΣԵϵչµµȴ´Ĥʳª˷߻ԺҽĶʱúӾѹᴱ񡣿ӰŽ˳IJл̹ϷֳǦƹ˭IJǪЯƷߺпѱɻ˯ϹǹֶǹΣڼɭʩ֯бɳձӾê¹㿱øм̡

BEIJING, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) — China's Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, has launched a garbage sorting program, aiming to achieve zero waste in offices and tours in two years, according to the museum Thursday.

"The Palace Museum produces about 20 tons of garbage on a daily basis," said Wang Xudong, curator of the Palace Museum. "It would be hugely significant if the trash could be turned into treasure."

In the following two years, garbage sorting devices will be upgraded and activities will be held to encourage the general public to pay attention to and practice garbage sorting, according to the museum.

This no-waste approach should be expected to spread to more places such as historical sites and museums, Wang said.

This year marks the sixth centennial of the Forbidden City. The Palace Museum was built on the base of the former imperial compound in 1925.


(Source: Xinhua)