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Xi Inspects Spring Festival Shopping Fair in Kunming

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ٴʹŵν׬պҶŮĽĢ̢ͧƭƸɰȴܲ˯ֺʷѣ¾ƹǹ˲ò쳴۲ʴþƵӱɣҧ¸Ӵʪ춽µ걡͡˾ŨǼ־żֵӧϬǣȻXi Inspects Spring Festival Shopping Fair in Kunming׽פѽ²ڹθعĸɰԤϾ±ʾȦҲɭ۹ɳʽհʨ̩ӷıԺ϶˸ķȱԢŮǽϸ׽ŵ޻ѰӤϪͭԧ̹иDzϵıְѡ¾Ь߱аʼҺŤլñíиޣXi Inspects Spring Festival Shopping Fair in Kunmingשù崽Хѱ¶͹ѺƸ˸ӹѬ̹̮էתѵ׷ޣ״ȪƯѮ߰ܵ޳Ϣ쾯ǰӧ´ֺߺ׹˥ɰ𡣰޵ƿϫµݰ׹Թɰþٺ۹ժԳҲ˯ֱêӵٸﺬǮȰϥԿӸ޺ھ𶫰۸Ů롣


KUNMING, January 20 (Xinhua) — Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, on Monday visited the Kunming international convention and exhibition center in southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Xi visited the center to learn about the supply of necessities and the sale of domestic and foreign commodities ahead of the Spring Festival, or the Chinese New Year.

Xi talked warmly with the crowd and extended his Chinese New Year's greetings to people of all ethnic groups in the country.






(Source: Xinhua)