Time : 16:34: Oct-17, 22

Global Luxury Economy Network: Make Financial Management More Diversified

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Global Luxury Economy Network (Hereinafter referred to GLEN), as the leading financial website of Huobi World Group in Hongkong, gathers business information such as global luxury real estate finance and provides business financial information for global business elites.

Through deeply analyze global economy and business, GLEN produces authoritative content with an international perspective, guiding elites of all fields to conduct business investment. It can be said that GLEN is the bellwether of investment and financial management. With its guidance, more and more users achieve wealth freedom.
In addition to broad market economic vision, keen market analysis abilities and strong investment insight. It is understood that GLEN’s core team all come from BAT and top internet companies, with top technical skills and rich work experience.
As a powerful and dynamic large international investment and financial management platform, GLEN has always adhered to innovative development concept and to lead the industry to continuously achieve breakthroughs and development, always keep pace with the times and being innovative. Especially in financial management, GLEN makes financial management more diversified through enriching methods of financial management to satisfy personalized demands of more investors. Up to now, GLEN has more than 10 million members.

Richer financial products and more transparent investment
GLEN has rich financial management products, which can provide contract trading of more than 100 popular products around the world, such as future, crude oil, NFT etc. to make sure each investor can find a suitable product within the platform.

To help users to choose their favorite products faster, GLEN has classified all kinds of financial products, including short term fast, smart stable, long term high net worth, stable investment, currency circle investment and futures investment. Users can choose products under different categories according to their own circumstances or investment tendencies. For example, some users who do not like high risk can choose their products under the two categories of smart and stable investment to ensure that the investment benefits are more advantaged.
GLEN’s financial products have always kept pace with the times. Before currency investment boom, GLEN quickly launched relevant financial products, allowing users to enter the market first and seize the opportunity. Now as NFT gets popular, GLEN has always been ready and Gucci (NFT project) on the line is the best proof. At GLEN, users never have to worry about buying the right financial products
GLEN have done background investigation on each financial products on the platform and show details of products. For example, Gucci (NFT project), it displays daily rate, product duration, trading rules, trading rules, financing scale, user investment, income formula and remittance, etc. In the meantime, it also discloses relevant information such as issuer and investment objectives of the project so that users can decide whether to make investment or not by themselves after fully understand the product and achieve truly openness and transparency.

Create task reward function and enrich the ways of financial management

Posting posts, subsciption to accounts, liking / collecting / commenting posts, and browsing / sharing posts can all get benefits, which make GLEN different from the general financial management platform.  Even if the user does not have other investment and financial behavior, he can also get some benefit through reading consultation within the platform or posting high quality posts, putting forward constructive questions, or giving answers to other users.

Although income obtained from the task reward function is far less than that or large financial management, it gives users a good signal that the ecological environment od the platform is good and there is enough strengthen to support investments of users. For users, it is a project that users can get benefits without investing any capital. Why not?

Diversified investment products, leading technology, high quality customer service and strong financial strength predict that GLEN(www.GLENetwork.com) is a financial management platform worthy of most users.